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              Cartwheels Gymnastics exists to provide a safe, fun, motivating environment for your child to build 
self confidence through gymnastics and physical fitness


  • Preschool Gym:                   16 mo.-5 yr.
  • Recreational Boys:                 5 - 18 yr.
  • Recreational Girls:                 5 - 18 yr.
  • Tumbling:                                 5 - 18 yr.
  • T&T Classes:Tumble and Tramp: 5 - 18 yr.
  • Competitive Tumbling & Trampoline Team: CW Twisters!

 Special Events
  • Birthday Parties  Day Camps/Cheer Camps  
  • Special Needs Classes

We teach gymnastics in a safe, fun, energetic and motivating environment 
that will increase your child's self esteem as well as their skill level.

Our structured  preschool program focuses on gross motor skill development in addition to gymnastic skills.

Our Gymnastics & Tumbling Programs for boys and girls, 5 -18 years, is progressive; 
each skill leads to new skills.  
Teaching through progressions provides a solid foundation for the more advanced skills.